Wayne Richard

Wayne Richard has been at this nearly 20 years, and took John’s Barbershop over from his grandfather in 2005, where it began its transformation into the contemporary hotspot it is today. Much like the man himself, it’s a comfortable mixture of new and old; classic and current. While Wayne is up on all the latest trends, fashions, and so forth, he’s not into fads or gimmicks and he’ll give it to you straight even when the truth is hard to swallow. So don’t be alarmed when he tells you the haircut you want will make your head look lumpy, or big, he’s just looking out for your best interests. Plus he cut Dave Matthews hair once, so you know you can trust him.

Shane Richard is Wayne’s whiter half, or more accurately his “brother from another mother.” Though he may seem young, Shane has an old soul and is indeed as slick as his slicked back hair would have you believe. He trained for cosmetology and barbering at Grasso Technical High School in Groton, CT and took his internship at Wayne’s. Now he works here fulltime, and has taken Wayne’s place at the helm of the Groton shop (the first chair as you walk in). He specializes in edge-ups and ethnic hair, and does a mean skin fade. In the brief moments during the week you can’t find him in shop, he’s doing a few push-ups or catching up on his Zs. It would be easier to tell you when he doesn’t work: